Chiefs roster breakdown

Quarterback: Patrick Mahomes. I have been blessed with the best QB of this generation in the middle of his prime for these next 5 seasons. Im normally more used a dual threat QB, but I’m excited to try and be a better pocket passer. And Mahomes has just as much or more ability to extend plays since he can make every throw on the field. So Its gonna be interesting to build a new scheme, where we replace the read options that Jayden daniels ran with more passes / RPOs.

Isiah Pacheco: RB1 all 5 szns. He is absolutely perfect. 93 speed 95 acc. Hard runner that holds onto the rock and a solid pass catcher.

Mickinnon: shifty veteran that is a great pass catcher.

Edwards-Helaire: sneakily good but wont be getting another contract and will prob bounce around pml with his 86 speed.

Wide receiver: Tooney
Toney: WR1 day 1.Toney is elite after the catch. And Mahomes will get him open. And we just gotta get him the ball in space.

Valdes-scantling: a veteran deep threat that will help greatly szn 1.

Skyy Moore: young Wr who will be the slotwr but he controls for how long. Jury’s still out on him but also another guy we gotta get out in space.
Richie James: probably the best pass catcher and 2nd shiftiest in the WR corp but another slotwr that’s 27 5’9 90 speed. Most likely a great depth piece or steal skyy Moore’s job.

Rashee Rice: rookie WR but older than skyy. He’s more of a WR2 prototype but struggles off press and only has 88 speed. 6’2 and solid route running tho so he will get PT.

Justyn Ross: one of the better pass catchers on the team. 6’4 85 speed seems more like a redzone threat or nothing.

Tight end:
Travis Kelce: best TE in football. Best pass catcher on the team. And he’s a 99 ovr

Noah gray: basically a budget Travis Kelce
Only 24 so he might stay a chief all cycle.

Offensive line:
LT:Donovan smith. Old vet and only weakness on one of the best olines in football.

LG:Joe Thuney. 3rd best LG in the league. 30 years old tho so we will find out how long he lasts.

C: Creed Humphrey. 2nd best C in the league behind Kelce and will be only 30 when the cycle ends.

RG: Trey smith. An absolute monster only 24 and he’s one of those players where EA has to lower his awareness to a 69 so he’s not an 85+. Already the 8th best RG in the league.

RT: jawaan Taylor. He’s getting paid 25Ms a year to block bosa and crosby so he better win his 1v1s.

Defensive line:
LE: George karlafits. A 22 yo edge rusher with star dev. And he already makes plays.

RE: Felix Anudike-Uzomah. Rookie edge 21 yo. Doesn’t excel at anything but is solid overall and gets a chance year 1 to solidify himself.

Chris jones: 2nd best DT in the league and there’s been some rumors that he will be moved but after a deeper look we will be retaining him and keeping this team together for as long as they can.

Derrick Nnadi: smart vet not very skilled but big and capable for a few more years.

Nick Bolton: only great lb for the group. Elite tackler and run stuffer. Solid pass coverage and solid speed at 87 and 84 acc.

Drue tranquill: solid veteran. Good run stuffer and capable pass coverage.

Willie g**: fast body only 25 but not good at anything besides hitting hard.

Leo chenal: fastest lb and hardest hitter of the group and only 22 better run stuffer already than willie g** but terrible in pass coverage.

L’jarius sneed: 94 speed 6’1 and 26 years old in his junior szn. Has great catching also can hit and is our CB1, if he has a big year 1 I can see him becoming a top CB In PML.

Trent mcduffie: 22 In his sophomore szn. He’s a true slotcb solid tackler and could potentially get a lot of opportunities to make plays.

Jaylen Watson:6’2 89 speed sophomore thats 24 years old, the chiefs been taking shots looking for a cb2 and he’s not it.

Joshua Williams: 6’3 89 speed another sophomore that isn’t quite the answer we are looking for at CB2. Could potentially find PT at FS since he’s a solid tackler and catcher of the football and leans more to a zone defender.

Darius rush: the latest chiefs shot in the dark at a CB2 and he’s 6’2 93 speed. 2nd best press out of all CBs. 2nd best catching out of all CBs. And can hit.

Free safety:
Bryan cook: entering his sophmore year projected as the starting FS being a 71 overall but overall is a good tackler and not good at anything else.

Chamarri Conner: rookie FS who could take the starting job. 69 overall slightly faster and slightly worse at everything else than cook.

Strong safety:
Justin reid: 6’1 92 speed 81 overall in the midst of his prime. Great user but also great in coverage and solid tackler. Should be one of the better playmakers on this defense.

Mike edwards: small safety that isn’t anything special