Coaches Corner: Make The Call! – NFC North Edition

What up what up what up everybody, welcome to another showcase of ‘Coaches Corner: Make The Call’ – the series where we get into the nitty-gritty of play calling like never before! This time we’ve got the four NFC North PML coaches in the house, and we’ve thrown a random football scenario at them to see what they’ve really got. This one is interesting because Wimmy ignored me asking for real life football strategy and not Madden, and I think Jefe used chatGPT lol. Interesting tactics all around. Check out the snapshot and scenario of the game I got for them, and get ready to dive headfirst into their thought processes. They’re breaking it down, giving us the lowdown on their strategies, and showing us how it’s done in the big leagues. Whether you’re a football junkie, a strategy geek, or just here for a good time, you’re in the right place. This series is all about getting inside the game, making those tough calls, and having a blast while we’re at it. So grab your snacks, settle in, and let’s get this show on the road – it’s time to Make The Call!

The Scenario.

It’s 3rd & goal at the 5. You’re down 19-21 with 3:02 left in the 4th. Your starting QB didn’t suit up and your backup QB just left the game with an injury, so your best WR is at QB. He can’t throw but he’s electric. Your extra point and field goal kicking has been all over the place. What’s your call?

The Calls.

Hmm. That’s a tough scenario, but I think I’d come out in a 5 wide set, QB draw. If I liked the look, then I’d run the play, if not, I’d make sure to have a read option in my audibles and change it to that. If I can’t punch it in, I’d take my chances on a field goal on 4th down. I think regardless of how my kicking was during the game, I could make a kick from the 5 yard line.

– Fallen

I’d audible down. Trips to the left, TE to right, read option with an audible to change to a Levels concept if we read man-to-man. If we read zone, motion Z-receiver across formation to not let corner to play up on TE, make the right read on the end. Worst case, you get a literal chip shot FG to take the lead in the game. If we read man, I’m audibling to a levels concept, probably putting the slot on a slant. Post snap, if the slot is there and I trust the WR with that pass, he can take it. If not, I’m watching the leverage of the LE and my LT. If he slants outside in his route to the QB, and I’m more confident in the playmaking ability of my WR, I’m hitting the B gap as soon as my drop ends and hoping I beat the should-be spy in the middle of the field 1 on 1. If he stays more straight up with my LT. I’m spinning out to the left and trying to beat the defense (LE, FS, LB or user) to the pylon with the rest of my offense .

– Wimmy

I would come out in a Wildcat formation, and instead of putting my electric WR at QB I’m putting him out wide and running a jet sweep to him with some other WR at QB. Hypothetically if we don’t get it there and it’s fourth and short, on fourth down I’m putting my electric WR at QB and running a run-pass-option while basically ignoring the pass and having the WR pay attention to the edge defender seeing if he bites or not on the option.

– HypeMike

In a tight spot with a close score margin and quarterback situation looking like the 2022, San Francisco 49ers that lost 3 starting Qbs in one season. At the same time my special teams coach is panicking at the shaky kicking performance he has coached up this week in practice, relying on a field goal is too risky.

My best option as a coach would be to turn to my best wide receiver/athlete who is known for being “electric, fast, and agile.

With this in mind, I’d call a high-percentage play that utilizes his running ability— sending in two play calls – a quarterback draw alone would be too risky as it would leave him with few options.

The idea would be to spread the defense out, in a 5 wide formation and let my wide receiver and best athlete on the field now turned quarterback use his athleticism.

As my WR is not used to reading the defense for the QB prospective, my goal would be to make the call as simple as possible.

Once lined up, if he counts the box and there is a helmet for a helmet – we look to execute a QB blast.

If the box is overloaded with the defense expecting a possible inside run, he is to audible a sprint out to the weak side of the field (where he counts a hat for a hat or the offense has a numbers advantage) On a run pass option.

– Jefe