Transcript: Giants Head Coach Press Conference

How has Von Miller’s experience in the league helped the team so far?

We just got Von in the building yesterday and he is already making things better for the team. We have alot of young edge rushers, including newly added BJ Ojulari and he is taking them all aside and showing them the ways to become a top pass rusher in the league. The goal is to have 5 elite pass rushers by the time the season ends.

The trade deadline is this week. Should we expect any major moves for the team?

We are looking to move up in the draft. With pick 6 we had 13 guys that we could have taken and felt comfortable with. This was the main reason why we traded the pick. If this pans out right, we could get the same guy that we would have at 6 while adding a great pass rusher for the cycle.

How do you see the competition level in the NFC East currently?

The Cowboys won the division last year by a land slide then proceeded to get knocked out of the playoffs in the first round. They lost some good talent but still are a great team. The Eagles have the best roster in the league, however, we beat them twice to end the season. The Commanders have a new coach who will get his choice of a rookie qb to hitch his name to. The East is wide open, and the Giants are looking to be on top at the end of the season.