Transcript: Bills Head Coach Press Conference

What does it mean to you or the team to have such a great winning record at home this season?

Winning where we have the advantage is always the key. We cannot go out and lose in front of the crown that amps us up and gets us going. We have to make a stand and go undefeated if possible at home to make our lives easier down the stretch. The players know this! The staff knows this! Failure is not an option and will not be tolerated!

Can you talk about the development of Olumuyiwa Fashanu so far?

This guy so far is showing he holds a grudge being passed over for so many skilled players. He’s the cornerstone of the offensive line and will show he can hold up in either the run or pass. While not a pretty pick he has the intangibles to show he should have went a lot earlier! He looks like a stud to start his career and hopefully this momentum continues into the regular season!

Can you speak to the overall team health?

So far so good! We have remained healthy and look to keep up the healthy streak throughout the season. I think the overall approach of splitting reps and managing reps plays a huge part in keeping guys healthy. We have one of the best trainers in the game seeing our only healthy scratches due to suspensions. The only significant injury was late season to Dawson Knox so we are hoping to keep up this great health.