Cook’s 2024 Draft Class Grades: Picks 21-32! Pre AND Post-DDT Grades

#21 CAR Selects HB Brealon Allen
Pre DDT Grade: B
Pre DDT Analysis: If this were irl, this would get an F. But we’re playing Madden, where having a generational RB is more valuable. Especially a 20 year old one like Bruising Braelon. Hopefully Allen provides a steady hand to help Bryce Young. But…I don’t like trading Jaycee Horn to pick a RB after trading for Ekeler, that gets more like a C- or D.

Post DDT Grade: B+
Post DDT Analysis: The potential for a HB breakout story to SS raises the bar here in a Madden where running the ball 50 times is good and abilities make those 50 runs a game work better.

#22 SEA Selects DT Maason Smith
Pre DDT Grade: C+
Pre DDT Analysis: I don’t wanna be the guy that hates on a DT being taken. But I will be a guy that questions whether a 76 speed/86 strength DT should go in round 1. But Seattle gets bonus points for getting a day 1 ready guy to strap up in the interior.

Post DDT Grade: B-
Post DDT Analysis: Star dev helps a bit here. Maybe get SS at some point for some Inside Stuff or Under Pressure to give the Rams a taste of their own medicine while enduring Donald destruction for a second straight cycle.

#23 GB Selects RG Donovan Jackson
Pre DDT Grade: B+
Pre DDT Analysis: A top oline prospect in the draft at pick 23 is great value. Clearly GB wants someone to help block the likes of Aaron Donald in the interior, and Donovan Jackson is a day 1 starter that could certainly help.

Post DDT Grade: A
Post DDT Analysis: A little Star dev to boot really makes me love this pick even more. I just hope Hypemike develops him…cause I’m afraid he went to a coach who won’t put AR into making him better.

#24 DET Selects ROLB Ja’Markis Weston
Pre DDT Grade: A
Pre DDT Analysis: Well d*** this guy is a beast. Ignore his overall, this man will be a stud inside LB. 93 speed out the gate with 70+ zone and play rec. He just needs to get his tackling up and he will be a household name.

Post DDT Grade: Same
Post DDT Analysis: Mr Weston is still him. Let’s see if Fallen can user him into some big stats now.

#25 CIN Selects WR Malik Nabers
Grade: C
Analysis: Look…in PML the WR thats a slightly lower overall but has way better physicals will always be the better draft prospect. Sorry, the results on the field in past cycles speak for themselves, I don’t make the rules. Therefore, this pick is a dud simply based on the 2 WRs that went almost immediately afterwards. Nabers isn’t a bust and is day 1 ready, but this was a generational WR draft and the Bengals didn’t get a generational WR.

Post DDT Grade: C-
Post DDT Analysis: Yea…Star dev doesn’t quite move the needle for me. Especially as a presumed #3 next to Higgins and Chase.

#26 SF Selects Amarius Mims
Pre DDT Grade: B
Post DDT Analysis: After the shock retirement of Trent Williams, the 9ers might’ve made this pick more on need than want. Nonetheless, this was still a solid pick. I worry about his ability to contain the best edge rushers the NFL has to offer as a Day 1 starter, but he’s got solid attributes across the board.

Post DDT Grade: A-
Post DDT Analysis: The 49ers couldn’t afford to whiff on this pick, and thankfully for them they got themselves a good one in Mims.

#27 – HOU Selects WR Malik Benson
Pre DDT Grade: A+
Pre DDT Analysis: Dude has 98 speed. NINETY-EIGHT! I don’t give a d*** about his route running in the 60s, he’ll learn how to run a route in due time! Take advantage of the quick OVR upgrades you get by being a low OVR and needing less XP to upgrade, get AR done to improve the route running, and give the defense someone to fear leaving their CB on an island against. It’s child’s play for Houston to get Bowers and Benson in the same draft.

Post DDT Grade: Same
Post DDT Analysis: Is he still 98 speed? Then it’s still an A+!

#28 NO Selects WR Johnny Wilson
Pre DDT Grade: B
Pre DDT Analysis: So Johnny Wilson is not a C because he is 6’7, a whole half a foot taller than Nabers. But will that 6’7 frame be effective in this year’s Madden? That’s what the Saints are betting on. It’s a fair bet to make, because there isn’t much downside given that Wilson is a solid Day 1 WR out the box.

Post DDT Grade: B-
Post DDT Analysis: A slight deduction because if you’re gonna draft a 6’7 normal dev WR, you might as well get the faster one like the Patriots did in Tryone Broden in the 3rd round.

#29 BUF Selects LT Olumuyiwa Fashanu
Pre DDT Grade: B-
Pre DDT Analysis: He’s got exceptional pass blocking attributes. The rest is nothing to write home about, but you have a good base to build upon.

Post DDT Grade: B+
Post DDT Analysis: Kinda like Hypemike, I hope Fashanu is in the hands of a coach who will content him up now that he’s got Star dev.

#30 CHI Selects DE Xavier Thomas
Pre DDT Grade: A
Pre DDT Analysis: Don’t let the overall fool you, a 58 awareness rating hides how ready this kid is start out the gates. And his potential is through the roof. While he looks like he’d be a great edge, he may have to play inside to get playing time on this Bears team that has aging superstars Hunter and Bosa lined up over the tackles. Maybe he shines inside?

Post DTT Grade: Same
Post DDT Analysis: I almost wanted to give a slight deduction based on Dev, but Thomas is still a physical freak.

#31 NE Selects DT Leonard Taylor
Pre DDT Grade: B
Pre DDT Analysis: A player like Taylor is a direct reason why I sort of cringe at Seattle’s pick. Taylor is straight up a better player to have as a prospect off of higher strength. The Patriots need interior help, so Taylor should provide immediate relief

Post DDT Grade: A-
Post DDT Analysis: Loving this pick even more with Star dev as a cherry on top. I do wonder if trading Christian Barmore and making Taylor his replacement was necessary, but that’s another topic for another day.

#32 JAX Selects LT Joe Alt
Pre DDT Grade: B-
Pre DDT Analysis: 79 strength makes me a little worried, but otherwise this is very similar to Fashanu. Great pass blocking gives a solid base to build upon at a badly needed position for Jacksonville.

Post DDT Grade: Same
Post DDT Analysis: It’s up to Bandit now to content Alt’s run blocking up…but will he?