Giants Week 1 Injury Report And Focus Players

The first draft, offseason, and preseason has officially come to an end and it was a doozy for the Giants. They felt great before the draft, after the draft, and during and after the first two preseason games. Preseason game 3 came and just ruined any kind of momentum or happiness the Giants franchise had going into the first week of football. They had devastating injuries to both of their quarterbacks on the roster. In simming through the week 1 practice, the Giants have some injuries to discuss. Each week we will go over the injury report and practice focus players before the game and update the depth chart at that position.

Focus Players:

MLB Isaiah Simmons: Simmons has officially taken over as the man in the middle of the defense. He is one of the fastest players on the roster, and commands a great deal of respect from other teams. He is a great coverage linebacker, however, his run stuffing abilities need to be worked on. He will be focused until he gets an upgrade which hopefully comes in the form of a speed and block shed upgrade.

ROLB : Kayvon Thibodeaux: Thibodeaux officially became a superstar this preseason. He did outstanding work in one of the drills and his hard work paid off by giving him the superstar status. His abilities aren’t the greatest, but it has given him an opportunity to upgrade his attributes quickly. He is close to upgrading and will be looking for a speed, block shed and power move upgrade. He should get this upgrade this week.

CB Deonte Banks: Even though Adoree Jackson is back with the Giants, Banks has solidified himself as the number one corner on the roster. Banks has maxed out his acceleration and is looking to do the same with his speed. He will be focused until he gets an upgrade which hopefully comes in the form of a speed and zone upgrade.


QB Daniel Jones OVR – 3 weeks ( Broken Ribs)

Jones was the starter all last year and didnt do a great job. He was given the starting role for the preseason and was told that if he could show off, then he would remain the starter. Well not only did he not show off, but he got hurt for weeks , downgrading him to permerant backup.

QB Quinn Ewers 73 OVR – 1 Week (Torn Labrum)

Ewers was drafted to be the future star of this franchise. He was the youngest player in the draft and was told that he would be a backup but if he showed out in preseason, he could take over the starting role. He was okay in the preseason, but the biggest headline was the fact that after he saw Jones get hurt on a sack, he went out and did the same thing, but taking a sack instead of throwing the open screen pass. He will be back next week, and will be the starter, but the injury remains a concern going forward.

LOLB Azeez Ojulari 80 OVR – 2 Weeks ( Abdominal Tear)

This was supposed to be the first week that the two brothers could play on opposite sides and rush the quarterback together. This will have to wait at least 2 more games as Ojulari got hurt right after he witnessed both his starting quarterbacks get hurt. Hopefully he comes back stronger, and tries to one up his brother who took over his starting spot in the lineup.