Transcript: Cardinals Head Coach Press Conference

Did you scout Dallas Turner before the draft? If so, what stood out about him?

Having pick 5/6 in the draft we definitely considered Dallas Turner. He’s arguably the best edge rusher from that class. With a rare set of physical skills, he can make it long day for any offense. He’s still wet behind the ears, and the lack of experience can show in games like this.

How do you see the competition level in the NFC West currently?

I mean the division played each other week 1, and it was two good games. Being one of the toughest divisions in PML, I believe we will send 3. I do enjoy the switch up of playing with 3 guys that make me rise to the occasion for every matchup.

What are your thoughts about the Vikings just in general as a team?

They have a lot of raw young talent in this team. Definitely not the fastest group of guys but the heart of lions. They are coached well, and it puts them in position to win games.

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