Transcript: Steelers Head Coach Press Conference

Can you talk about the development of Jaheim Oatis so far?

With the retirement of Cameron Heyward, we really need someone to step up to fill his shoes. Right now Jaheim and Bear are battling it out for our DT2 position. Jaheim has looked great so far, but we’ll see who gets the start against the lions.

What is the status of Marcus Jones and when is he set to return?

I think the Panthers had hits out for our players and I implore the league officials to look into this. Marcus should be out for 4 weeks. He’ll return for our week 3 matchup. Until then Bryce Hall will start in his place.

What can you attribute to having one of the top-scoring teams in the league to this point?

Zach m’f’ing Wilson…. He’s the goat and he’ll prove that this season. Look out for an MVP type season from Zach.