PML Week 6 Pick Ems’

That’s right PML, we are back! Weekly Pick Ems’ is back, but with a twist. We have incorporated the Sportsbook spreads to make it more challenging on our pickers. We are also hoping to add an additional element that presents the picker with the highest correct picks at the end of the season with some content points contributed by the rest of the pick em’ team. If not, well, the top picker will have the bragging rights! Last season the team had 5 pickers, this season we’re starting out with 4, but there’s potential to add a 5th picker. If interested, let us know! Without further ado –


NYJ 21 VS NYG 31 –

In this battle of New York, the Jets are coming into this game battered and bruised. The most notable injury has to be to Caleb Williams. Caleb is the franchise quarterback, but the savvy coach for the Jets prepared for this situation when he signed Deshaun Watson to a $16M, five-year deal. It’s time for Deshaun to perform on the field. The Jets are on a two-game losing streak and the Giants are on a two-game losing streak, but for this game, the Giants are the home team. They are going to get the home field momentum and I think that Quinn Ewers is going to settle down and trust his running back in Saquan Barkley. The Jets are giving up 156 rushing yards a game and with the injuries to a few of their linebackers, this is going to pave the way for the Giants offensive approach. I know the Jets have Allen and Williams in the middle, but the Giants are going to stretch the field and avoid those monstrous boys up front.

CIN 21 VS MIN 31 –

Vikings coming in as big favorites here and have been on a roll. The Bengals have been up and down this season so far but have played better as of late. I think the Vikings take the game but the Bengals cover. Key matchups are going to rely solely on the Vikings qb situation vs the heavy man and blitz scheme the Bengals run. If the Vikings can limit turnovers their defense should force a few to seal this one away in the second half.

LAC 42 VS IND 17 –

Arich is coming off possibly his best game as a pro, but that magic run ends here vs the Chargers. I think the Colts can and will put up some points, but they won’t be able to keep the Chargers under 35. Herbert and the boys have been dealing and it will continue this week ad the Chargers look to win the division here in season 3 these are games they cannot drop.

BAL 24 VS BUF 27 –

Many would have thought these teams’ records would be reversed coming into this matchup. Beast is coming off his first win of the season while Arod is off to his best start of the cycle. Both these teams lean heavy into man defense and blitzing. The secondary in Baltimore is second to none in the league though. They have been causing havoc for everyone outside of the Browns this season. This is a tough game to call imo but I think the Bills steal a win late.

MIA 14 VS NE 31 –

Miami hasn’t been consistent all cycle. They’ve shown flashes of being an upper-mid team, but quickly fall back to the low-mid range. What this game really comes down to is being able to out coach and out scheme Spdot, which I don’t see happening. With a two-score spread, I’ll confidently ride with the Patriots here. If you’re a betting man, jump on the Patriots in this one.

KC 26 VS JAX 31 –

Water has come out being a lot more competitive than most would have thought. He’s quickly earning respect around the league and has the Jaguars playing like a team eyeing a playoff berth. I think this will be one of the trickier plays this week, but if you’re giving me 6 points and 2x my money, I have to ride with the Jaguars here upsetting the Chiefs at home.

SF 35 VS TB 31 –

Both teams have virtually underachieved thus far this cycle. Cammy and CEO were both were expected to be playoff teams especially with the teams they were handed to start the cycle, but nearly halfway through the cycle, both are struggling to find their footing in the league. This should he an interesting one as they both enter make or break territory early in season 3. If you’re giving me +3 with the 49ers, I have to put the money with CEO. 49ers pull ahead late baring any CMC fumbles.

NO 27 VS CAR 20 –

Are we seeing season 5 JT earlier than usual? Now with the draft being able to be done easier, JT has time to focus on just playing the game. He has some impressive wins and some blowout losses this season. Which JT will show up for this game? The Panthers are boasting one of the best defenses in the league, but one of the worst offenses. I think that this game will be low scoring for the league, but the Saints will win in the end due to having just enough firepower.

DEN 41 VS DAL 21 –

The Cowboys just got one of the best hauls for a single player in the history of PML. The offense played the same way as usual versus the Giants and they barely won even when given a 14-point head start. The pass defense was given help in the form of a superstar pass rusher and safety, but without Parsons, the rush defense is worse. The Giants were able to dominate on the ground with over 150 yards rushing without even trying. Imagine a team who isn’t losing from the start. This is where the Broncos come into play. They are 4th in rushing yards per game and I look for them to just run away with the game.

PHI 30 VS SEA 45 –

The Eagles have some devastating injuries on the roster right now. Hurts is done for the season so they went ahead and got Ridder who should be able to operate the offense the same way as Hurts. HDs offense is interchangeable as he does the same things with whoever is in, but the pass defense is still a liability. It’s the same story in Philly season after season, great offense, no defense. The defense is giving up 38 points per game and I don’t see that changing this week. It’s shocking that the pass defense can be so bad given the fact that all of his corners are boosted with speed. We will just chalk that up to user error, nonetheless, the Seahawks win.

DET 31 VS GB 34 –

The Packers are on a two-game losing streak and looking at a three-game losing streak if something doesn’t change. The defense just gave up over 48 points in the last two games. No one can win games playing that kind of defense. The Lions offense doesn’t look like they can score points like that this season, so it’s going to come down to which unit plays worse. The Packers have come on top of these matchups as of late, going back to last season where they won on a last second hail mary. I can see the same type of game happening here, only with it being a last second Packer field goal.

HOU 24 VS ARI 10 –

The Texans are on a four-game winning streak and are one of the hottest teams in the AFC taking on the Arizona Cardinals, who technically are winless but do have one win that they got from a force win. They would have suffered from a blowout this week if it wasn’t for a disconnect. I think Que is kind’ve checked out for the time being and not really focused on scheming up an offense. Arizona isn’t going to be able to match up with the Houston offense, especially since Zach Wilson threw for five touchdowns against them.

CLE 45 VS LAR 21 –

Jaylen Henderson will be returning next week for the Superbowl champions, but even with the Browns sporting a “Replacements” team due to injuries on the offense, I think KMFO is going to scheme up a better game plan this week. We saw how he came back and defeated SP, he’s on a rampage this season to prove that he still has what it takes to win a Superbowl in PML and what better way than to beat up on the current champs? Cleveland is averaging 49 points a game and Los Angeles is holding teams under 26 points per game, it’s the best offense in the league versus the 6th best defense.

LV 35 VS TEN 42 –

Man tf up vs island cam. Which defense plays worse this week? Mike and the Raiders have already dropped hints about looking towards the future and some kid named Arch Manning. The Titans have hopes of winning the division again, but the upstart Jaguars and Texans are both looking solid early in the year. This is a game vs an 0-5 team that the Titans cannot drop. I expect there to be points scored early and often with how these teams and seasons have gone so far. Close game late, while one of the Titans 97+ spec guys goes and gets them a win.