Week 7 Pick Ems’

This week our pickers learned that it is very challenging to pick the right winner when incorporating the spread. Fallen was the only picker to have a positive record heading into week 7. This week’s game of Houston-Arizona was voided, and it did not count for or against our pickers.

BAL 28 VS CIN 42 –

This is a rematch of what jump started a strong start for the Ravens. I think this game can go either way but I believe the Bengals are playing better and want their revenge. It will be interesting to see if they come with the same game plan or change it up now that they have seen the Ravens once. I think it is a good game till late when a pick 6 from Lamar unravels the game for Baltimore.

CLE 48 VS MIA 13 – 

This is an interesting matchup because the Dolphins seem to be able to run on every defense they face, and on the flip side the Browns seem to stop every offense they face. Being one dimensional against kmfo is never a good thing and i think this can get ugly quick if the Dolphins rely super heavy on the run game.

ARI 28 VS DET 38 –

Que has been pretty absent from chat, his connection to ea is in shambles, and when he has played, he hasn’t looked like the Que of old. These two coaches know each other well and I think it would be a great game if the Cardinals seemed to be taking the season more seriously. Lions are fighting for playoff spots and have looked well this season. If the Lions can keep the Cardinals deep shot plays limited i think they walk out with a two-score win.

TB 23 VS NYJ 31 –

Tampa Bay just gave up 63 points to the 49ers.  Do I think the Jets are capable of putting up that many markers? No, not the way Greeny runs his offense which is primarily through the ground and short passes.  The spread for this one is set at 6, which is a very hard sell for me to take the sportsbook favorite NYJ as Cammy loves to score points and it could be difficult for Greeny to keep up with.  However, I am going to lean on the Jets controlling the game flow and keeping Cammy off the field here by executing in the trenches.  This is certainly one of the harder games to pick this week because of the opposing game styles, but I gotta roll with gang green here as they have been the better team so far this season.

NYG 13 VS GB 45 –

This is one of the larger spreads this week as the Packers are giving the Giants 22 points.  Seems a bit large considering the Packers have been virtually blown out 3 weeks straight against the Ravens, Vikings, and Lions.  So what gives?  What in the world would possess me to throw my money on the giant 22-point spread?  This will be Hype’s bounce back game in my opinion, and I think he lets loose on the Giants, who unfortunately have to be the unfortunate victim here.  Hype is out to prove he is still a top dog, and it will be at the expense of Burn and the Giants, and I don’t think he takes his foot off the gas. A lot of frustration has built up early this season.  A sleeping giant awakes, and the Packers win big at home this week.  Book it.

PIT 24 VS CHI 21 –

Upset alert! Well, is it really an upset?  Curt and the Steelers are playing solid football this cycle, and if it weren’t for the Browns entering the race, Curt may have had his sights set on the proverbial timeshare in the AFC North.  I love the matchup involving the Steelers Dline and Breece Hall.  I believe whoever can win that battle comes out on top in this one.  So with that said, in a low scoring game that a football purist would surely enjoy, give me the Steelers dline bottling up Hall and coming away with a 3-point victory.  Grab the MoneyLine if you can!

IND 17 VS SEA 41 –

The Seahawks are staking their claim for not just best bird in the PML, but possibly the team to beat in the NFC.  Winners of 3 straight, you have to think the stream continues as Vegas has the Seahawks 14.5-point favorites.  Colts aren’t exactly laying down this year as they currently sit at 2-4, but with two close losses week 1 and 2, they could very well be 4-2 with a little twist of fate. Nevertheless, I got the Seahawks with the points in this one as it may be one of my more confident picks of the week.  The Seahawks are rolling, and I don’t see the Colts as the team to slow them down.  

BUF 31 VS LV 24 –

PML better watch out, Josh Allen and the Bills are on their first win streak of the season. They are going against a Raider team that is in shambles. They got their first win last week but not by much. Was Dainels the right choice when it came to Jimmy G’s successor? It’s looking like another quarterback will be picked in the upcoming draft. On the other side of the coin Josh Allen is a shell of his former shelf now that he doesn’t have any abilities, however, he still is Josh Allen, and I am going with the better quarterback in this one.

JAX 20 VS SF 30 – 

Both of these teams come in with a record of .500, but the Niners are coming off of a nice blowout win while the Jaguars are coming off of a bad blowout loss. This game can be a tossup given what has happened so far this season, but I feel that CEO and his Niner team has the momentum coming into the game. I think that this is going to be a medium scoring close game that will come down to the end. Water has come in and played well as a newcomer, however, it’ll be the veteran who wins this one.

PHI 28 VS LAC 48 –

The Eagles have impressed with their performances while their big-name players are injured. The games haven’t finished with wins, but they haven’t been blown out either which could have been expected given the number of backups that are in at the moment. Rumors are that Adams could be shipped in which will help the offense tremendously.  The offense still isn’t the issue, it’s the defense and until the Eagles can stop their opponents from scoring more than 35 points per game, they will continue to lose. Herbert and company will score a lot, but HD will keep it competitive in the end.

NE 21 VS KC 28 – 

New England heads into this game on a three-game win streak and Kansas City is heading into this game on a one game bender, but both teams are 5-1 and are familiar with how their opponent wants to play. Neither offense is having a star stunning season, but both these defenses are stout in their own way. Kansas City has the best rushing defense in the league and are holding their opponents to 23 points per game. New England is holding their opponents to a league best of 22 points per game. The factor in this game? Patrick Mahomes. I think Mahomes is going to be too much, like always.

NO 35 VS ATL 21 –

In their first matchup this season, Atlanta picked up a 44-35 victory, but I think that New Orleans is going to strike back this week and maybe we will have a third matchup in the playoffs? Jaxson Dart played phenomenally in their week 2 game, but in his past two games, Jaxson has thrown 6 interceptions. He is having trouble with his accuracy, understandable from a rookie quarterback, but this is what is going to set Atlanta back early in this one, and they will be fighting to come back all game long.

DAL 38 VS WAS 14 –

No Dak. No Pollard. No Lamb. Check, check, and check. If this game was against anyone other than Miles, I’d bet in favour of them. However, the Commanders have the WORST defense in the league. I repeat, the absolute worst. It’s almost like the coach decided to trade all of his players away and now the defensive coordinator has no one to help stop opposing offenses. Dallas won’t need their star players to come out of this week with a win.