PML Week 8 Pick Ems’

JAX 35 VS HOU 31 –

This is a tough game to call, both teams are playing well right now. I’m leaning with the Jags here because the offense and Tlaw have been absurd recently. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this game either way, especially if Ke can limit the passing attack of the Jags. 

TB 55 VS PHI 48 –

Seems laughable to predict a game total over 100 points, but this very well may happen. Both teams are coming off losses and need to rebound quickly. The Eagles have one of the best rush attacks in the league while the bucs have one of the worst rush defenses in the league and I expect the Eagles ground game to go for over 225 yards. At the end of the game, I think the Bucs make one more crucial play and pull out a tough victory.

GB 28 VS NO 31 –

The Packers have not looked super sharp this year but always remain a threat. Would not surprise me to see them make a run and still wind up a top seed in the NFC. The Saints have had a great start to the season, and I think that confidence helps them pull out a tough game late.

CIN 40 VS MIA 48 –

If you’re a fan of defensive football, don’t watch this one folks.  Well actually, you may see a lot of interceptions.  But either way, I got this one totaling close to 100 points across the board.  I think it really comes down to who can settle in any play a tad more disciplined and take control of the game and clock, and I have to give that to Deebo being the PML veteran coach.  The Dolphins actually enter this game as home underdogs, so if you’re reading this, do yourself a favor and throw a couple of content points on the Dolphins getting +3.  Thank me later.

SEA 33 VS CAR 14 –

The Seahawks are winners of 5 straight, as the Panthers are losers of 4 straight.  Two teams trending in the complete opposite direction are set to collide.  The bigger question here is could the Panthers cover 20.5?  The way Bryce Young is moving the ball, I think it will be difficult to put up points against a defense as stout as Z’s.  Even with the large spread, I got the Seahawks rolling and covering the 20 and half.  

BUF 17 VS CLE 63 –

The Bills are one of the hotter teams in the PML right now, winners of 3 in a row.  Beast is confident and is talking like a man reborn, as he should.  However, his play style feeds into exactly what KMFO wants you to do, that is keep throwing and keep trying when the game is already decided.  The interceptions will be plentiful, and KMFO will not take his foot off the gas.  In other words, I think Beast lacks the discipline to not let the score get out of hand.  Take the Browns and the -35 here.  Lets cashhh.

NE 31 VS PIT 13 –

Spdot is clicking on all cylinders right now and may quite possibly be the team to beat in the AFC.  This game could actually be a lot closer than many think due to the user play styles.  The Patriots defense will be too much for Zach Wilson to overcome as dot will ground and pound his way to victory here. I am not confident with the Patriots covering; however, I will give it to them on a last second defensive touchdown when the Steelers try to rally.  Not confident in the spread here, I would stay away from the 14.5 on both sides if possible.

DAL 28 VS LAR 42 – 

The Cowboys took down the undefeated Broncos with their backup quarterback and had three suspended players and still scored 41 points versus the Commanders. They were at a severe disadvantage in both games and came out victorious. Drama is a mystery as you’ll see him play well and win games with Cam Jones at the helm just to lose when Dak returns. I think he plays a much safer game without Dak and it works out for him. His luck ends this week when facing the Superbowl champs. The Rams have been struggling but coming off of a bye, this will be the week they turn everything around. 

DEN 32 VS IND 13 –

It has to be rough going into your bye week, losing a game that you penciled in as a win. Losing to a backup quarterback will sting and the Broncos have a long bye week to think about it. They come into this game against a Colts team that was just blown out by the Seahawks. I think that Denver will come into this game prepared and want to show the league that the Cowboys game was a true fluke, and they are still one of the best teams in the league. The Colts could sneak in a win here if everything goes right, but I just don’t believe the Broncos will lose back-to-back games they are supposed to win. 

LV 35 VS WAS – 21 –

Both of these teams are struggling badly. The Commanders have made a lot of moves this offseason that haven’t worked out for them. They traded Young and Allen for picks and safeties and stole Samuel away from the Giants. The result has been one of the worst defenses PML has ever seen, as well as Samuel getting hurt for the rest of the season. The Raiders are in rebuild mode as they just traded away Adams to the Eagles, but I feel even a rebuilding Raiders team can handle the defense of the Commanders. The Commander offense can put up points, but the defense can stop a nosebleed.  Raiders win moving further out of the Manning race. 

NYJ  41 VS ATL 20 –

Don’t look now but the Jets are surging while the Falcons are flailing. The Falcons gave up a lot of pieces to acquire one of the best defensive players in the game, however, that has been all for nought. They did better before the trade as they have now lost all of their games since the trade. Could trading so many valuable pieces be the catalyst to them potentially having a losing season? He better hope not as he doesn’t even have his first or second pick. Could you imagine trading all of these players and picks then ending up missing the playoffs? If that scenario happens it would go down as one of the worst trades in PML history. Anyway, I just don’t trust the Falcons defense after giving up 40 + points in the last three games. The Jets get the win here.

CHI 40 VS NYG 27 – 

The Giants have a shiny new toy in Jameson Williams, but it didn’t stop them from throwing multiple interceptions this week and displaying poor passing decisions. The Giants had the Packers beat, but they quite literally handed them the game. The Giants have one of the bottom performing offenses in the league and the Bears have one of the worst defenses, so something has to give. This is going to be a high scoring game, but the Bears are going to win this one because they will lead the turnover battle at the end of the game. 

ARI 30 VS TEN 24 – 

This is the battle of the one-win teams. Tennessee is coming off of a bye week and the Cardinals are coming off a close loss to the Detroit Lions. Arizona has been struggling heavily this season, especially on the offensive side of the ball. Emari Demercado has had two back-to-back seasons eclipsing nearly 1,700 yards and 44 touchdowns on the ground. He has been the bread and butter for Arizona, but he has just three touchdowns this season and 471 yards on the ground. He hasn’t eclipsed 100 yards rushing all season long. Arizona has to feed their superstar halfback, especially this week against the Titan’s 18th ranked rushing defense. Unless Arizona has given up on the season, this game should be a close one. 

MIN 35 VS BAL 25 –

The Baltimore Ravens got bullied this week and they statistically have the worst defense in the league. They are about to take on one of the league’s hottest offenses in the Minnesota Vikings. If you look at this game on a roster versus roster level, the Ravens have the upper hand, especially on the defense. However, for some reason, the Ravens defensive backs are giving up a lot of yards, and I meant a lot. Wimmy is having his best season of the cycle and unfortunately for Arod, his losing streak isn’t going to end this week.