PML Week 11 Pick Ems’

CIN 45 VS PIT 48 –

I see the highest point total of the week coming in this game. Both coaches love to chuck the ball downfield sometimes even with blanketed coverage. They have faith in their downfield threats and do not mind throwing interceptions. I think it’s a back-and-forth game the entire way with Minkah Fitzpatrick making a game winning play late for the Steelers.

NE 31 VS BUF 28 –

These two coaches have had some great games this cycle, but the two teams look vastly different then season one and are having much different seasons here in season three. The Pats once again look to be fighting for a one or two seed in the Afc while the Bills need to get hot quickly if they want to steal a wildcard spot. The Bills should know what the Pats like to do, but the Pats should have the same knowledge on the Bills. While having the inferior team the Pats are 3-1 vs the bills and i think it’s safe to say the Patriots are the better team now. I’ll take the coach who has won most of the matchups and now has the better team. 

HOU 35 VS TEN 21 –

The Houston Texans are playing great defense this season and I think it continues here. The Titans love to man up and that means potentially free passing lanes for the Killer Bees Bowers, Benson, and Benson. The Texans get out to an early lead and lean on their ability to extend drives and win by 14 but it will feel like a much larger lead when the games are over. 

CHI 42 VS CAR 35 –

Don’t look now but the Carolina Panthers have over 1000 yards from scrimmage these last two weeks. I expect another high scoring shootout this week. The bears are missing Breece Hall but they’ve got to be used to that by now. The pass rush from the Panthers will give the Bears some issue early on but then the scoring starts flowing in the second quarter. Jefe knows how to manipulate the pocket and stand tall and that helps him pull out the W here. 

SF 28 VS IND 35 –

Cpu game, possibly a new coach, we are not sure yet. If it’s Cpu Cb will lean on his running game and pull out a big win for the Colts. 

BAL 24 VS NYJ 35 –

The Ravens have a mile long injury list which is highlighted by Lamar Jackson. Despite all of the injuries, they have competed in most of their games this season. The defense being one of the best in the league helps and it’s a shame at what could have been if Lamar and the offense actually stayed healthy this season. I think this is another close game, however, I am going with Caleb to lead the Jets to victory. The Jets are thick in the playoff race and are going to play this game smart. They will rely on Calebs legs and the run game, without forcing interceptions to the defense. We just saw Richardson run for a lot of yards and Greeny now has the same blueprint to do the same. 

MIN 42 VS TB 30 –

The Vikings and Buccaneers are on opposite paths at this point of the season. The Vikings are looking at a potential number one seed in the NFC, while the Buccaneers are looking towards their draft position. They can turn things around and play spoiler to end the season starting now. They have the offense to do so, their issue is the defense. They’re giving up a staggering 40 points per game and the offense can’t do the same. It’s not going to be an easy task but if they can find any sort of defense then this could be a potential upset. I doubt that happens as the Vikings won’t look past them as they potentially had a scare last week versus the Commanders. 

LAC 35 VS DEN 27 –

These are two of the top offenses in the league. On one team you have one of the best quarterbacks in the game and on the other you have one of the best running backs in the league. The only issue is that Chubb just got hurt and that will make things tough for Lance and company. The Chargers might have traded James, but they got a great replacement who is faster. Without the threat of Chubb, the Chargers can focus on the passing game and make things rough for the normally well Bronco’s offense. The game will be close and a good one, but Herbert will be too much to overcome in the end. 

SEA 28 VS ARI 21 –

This is season 1 all over again for the Cardinals. They are playing well on defense, but the offense is struggling to score points. The defense is keeping them in games but it’s not enough to overcome the struggles of the offense. On the other side of the game, you have a Seattle team who also has been playing good defense, but they have a top ten scoring offense. The difference in this is shown by the 8 wins that currently lead the NFC West. I feel the same result for both teams that they have seen all season will happen in this game. The Cardinals will be in the game, but the offense won’t do enough to win. 

DET 34 VS ATL 31 –

Things haven’t been right in Atlanta all season, and even knowing this they went ahead and gave up the farm for Parsons. This has been looking like a bad trade given the spiral that they are on, including their blowout loss last week. Given all of that, this game is feeling like a rivalry game, and we all know those can be unpredictable. Nef isn’t going to be the same reckless play he has all season, instead he will buckle down and play smart because he wants to be Fallen and the Lions. Even with all the added bulletin material, I don’t think that happens, but I do think that Nef will cover the spread. It will be an interesting game, nonetheless. 

NYG 42 VS PHI 38 –

Here we have two teams sitting at 2-8, both struggling, but both still have playoff potential in their bones because their division leader is sitting at 4-5, and fortunate for the Eagles is that they haven’t played Dallas yet, so they can add two additional losses to their record. Philly is on a 6-game losing streak and the addition of Desmond Ridder hasn’t pushed the needle as much as they would have desired. Ridder has been competing for the starting job, but he has thrown just 4 touchdown passes to almost three times that many interceptions. New York is also on a six-game losing streak, but Quinn Ewers leads the league in interceptions with a staggering 34. Since drafting him with the 11 overall pick, his success hasn’t really been deemed worthy of that selection. This game is going to come down to whichever team has the least turnovers. Philly has a top statistical offense and New York has one of the bottom offenses in the league but expect this to be a very high scoring and fast-paced ball game. 

MIA 21 VS NO 30 –

These two teams are on the opposite spectrum in their respective conferences. Miami is coming off a bye week after defeating Indy the week prior and New Orleans is coming off a big win against Tampa Bay. Former WR turned QB Malik Murphy was drafted with the 28th overall selection and Drew Allar was drafted with the 15th overall selection, despite the records, this game had a rookie QB faceoff in the cards, except disaster struck New Orleans this week when Murphy suffered a broken thumb that will have him sidelined for a few games. Max Duggan led the Saints to the win over Tampa as he threw 4 touchdowns and for almost 300 hundred yards. Duggan has 88 speed, so he is as dynamic as Murphy, and should still produce in New Orleans top rushing offense. Despite Duggan’s insertion into the offense, New Orleans is going to cruise against a Miami team that really hasn’t had much success winning games this cycle. 

LAR 32 VS GB 28 –

What a fascinating matchup! A rematch from the NFC conference championship last season where the Rams won 30-28. However, if you told me at the start of the season that these two teams would have a combined 9 losses between them at this point in the season, I would have called you a liar. Despite the struggle, the Packers and the Rams picked up close victories this week. The Rams have an average performing offense this season, but they are well-balanced and protect the football. They have only thrown 8 interceptions and they boast a rushing attack that has 3 players surpassing almost 400 yards a piece. They also have a top ten performing defense in all statistical categories. Flip to Green Bay, who has the opposite, with a top performing offense but has potential to make careless mistakes and a patchy defense that allows several big plays a game. Jordan Love has thrown 32 touchdowns, 3,648 passing yards, and 21 interceptions. He ranks second in the league for touchdowns and passing yards, but he also ranks 5th in the league in interceptions thrown and I think that’s what will get him in trouble this week against LA’s defense. 

DAL 20 VS LV 21 – 

The Cowboys are leading their division at 4-5 and have a 3-game lead midway through the season. Are they a lock to clinch the division before the last quarter of the season? Very likely. The Cowboys have a loaded roster in comparison to the Raiders, but the Raiders have been considered a runner in the Arch Manning sweepstakes. We have seen Jayden Daniels struggle heavily since being drafted throwing 48 interceptions dating back to season 1. Despite the struggles, Vegas has a chance this week because their 2-game winning streak has created a pocket of hope and momentum against the Cowboys two game losing streak. One team on a high and one team on a low. Vegas is going to steal this game from the Cowboys in disastrous fashion. 

WAS 25 VS KC 55 –

Kansas City is a lock this week. They are the lock of the week, in fact. Do they win by 34 points? Not likely. The Commanders are bad, they’re flat out horrible but they put up a fight against Minnesota this week. Kansas City will outperform their 42 points per game average, but Washington will score some points because they have an ability to move the football on offense. The defense on the other hand often parts like the red sea. If Washington somehow goes 0-17 and Miles is still the coach in season 4, Miles, please, trade out of the pick and get yourself some studs on defense. Drake Maye isn’t the problem in Washington.