PML Week 12 Pick Ems’

ATL 42 VS TB 38 –

Two teams that know each other well and have a bit of a rivalry going so far this cycle. At this point in the season both teams are underperforming and need this win. The Falcons just broke a nasty losing skid and do not want to add to the loss column again. Both teams had hopes of a playoff berth this season and the loser of this game is probably eliminated from making a run. The Falcons will lean on all world running back Bijan Robinson and pull out a close win late. 

NYG 52 VS WAS 41 –

Should be one of the higher point totals of the week. The Commanders have given up 40 plus more often than not and the defense has been awful recently. The Giants can put up points on this defense and while their defense has been pretty good as of late the Commanders will find ways to keep the game close. A Late turnover or two in the 4th buries the Commanders comeback chances. 

CAR 17 VS NO 45 –

Revenger game for losing Commish powers? I am not sure if that’s a thing, but Jc has had the Panthers number so far this cycle. The Saints just got gashed for 330 rush yards but still won by 25. I think this is a 3-4 score game throughout. 

CLE 42 VS MIN 13 –

Predicting any of kmfo games is hard with the usual 30–45-point spreads but here it’s under 30. The way the Browns have been winning lately does not have much to do with their offense but rather it’s been their defense clamping down. That means trouble for the Vikings who ride a great defense to a lot of victories. I think it’s a close game in the first half and the Browns pull away late with a pick 6 and a special teams score as well. 

PIT 13 VS HOU 27 –

The Steelers are coming into this game in desperate need of a victory to stay in the wildcard hunt. They have their 12th man beside them but I do not think it will be enough to overcome the suffocating defense of the Texans. The Texans can beat you many ways but right not speedster Benson is taking the top off every defense he faces. Between that and the defense the Texans pull out a 2-3 touchdown win and continue their march towards a top 3 seed in the afc. 

MIA 36 VS BAL 39 –

The best rushing team in the league versus one of the best pass defenses in the league is what this game is going to come down to. Without Lamar the Ravens have been impressive this season and I believe they will get another victory in this game. Even with controlling the clock and having a dominating rushing game, the Dolphins are winning games like you would assume. They rushed for over 300 yards last game and still got beat by a decent margin. This game will be closer, and a lot of points will be scored but the Ravens will come out victorious at the end. 

CIN 24 VS SEA 42 –

Burrow getting hurt is probably the worst thing that could have happened to the Bengals. He is the reason that they are winning games, and this is even when he is tied for most interceptions in the league. His abilities help to overcome a lot in the game and he has led the Bengals to having the league’s best passing, and scoring offense. Without him, considering the amount of interceptions he’s thrown, I don’t see a backup quarterback doing the same. A normal quarterback won’t be able to overcome all of the turnovers and it will result in losses. The Seahawks will win this with their defense fairly easy. 

LV 21 VS LAC 37 – 

After that weird blowout game versus the Lions, the Chargers have been on a roll. Herbert is out to show the league that he is the best quarterback and now with Burrow out for some time, he can catch up in the standings. The Raiders after selecting their quarterback in Daniels have hit a roadblock and are looking to rebuild. They are still competing in games, but it’s not translating to wins. Right now, they own 2 top 6 picks. They are on their way to getting a generational quarterback and depending on how things shake up they could find themselves with two superstar players next season. As for this season and this game, it’s looking like another loss.

TEN 14 VS LAR 35 – 

The Titans have no defense but boast a top ten passing offense. The Rams boast a top ten defense in all categories, while also having a decent offense. That will be the difference in this game. When you can’t stop your opponent, you’ll eventually find a team that can stop you at all fronts while doing just enough to score on you to win the game. Tennessee has been in a lot of shootouts that haven’t gone their way, like last week for example. The Rams haven’t had the season that most would have expected but this is their chance to turn it around and I believe they will start with this game. 

CHI 34 VS DET 37 –

The Lions despite a few losses, were looking like one of the best teams in the league. They looked like a team that could hang with the best and this was even after trading a 98 speed receiver. Well, things came crashing down last week versus the Falcons. They played a desperate and scrappy Falcons team who were looking for their first victory since making that awful one sided trade. Thanks to the Lions, they got the win. The Bears have been on and off each week. One week they look like they are going to take off and rattle out a win streak only to lose the next. They won the first matchup between these two teams, but I believe that the Lions are angry from losing last week and will look to get back to winning football this week. 


We have a couple potential coaches that could take over the 49ers, but I am not sure if we will see them take over the team this week. So, we’re going to focus on the Cardinals. Arizona is struggling this season after going 10-7 and making the playoffs last season. In season 1 and 2, Emari Demercado finished with 19 rushing touchdowns and 25 rushing touchdowns respectively, but this season he has only rushed for 5 touchdowns in 11 games. Arizona has to feed their star halfback, because they are ranked 25th in rushing. A resurgence of Demercado would help alleviate Kyler Murray from passing the ball so many times, the forced passes have led to his 21 interceptions on the season. 

NE 24 VS NYJ 20 –

I hate to say that the Jets got upset by the Baltimore Ravens this week, because the Ravens have been notorious for knocking teams down this season, but the Jets were very lackluster, and the offense was as stale as a bag of chips that had been left open for days. Deshaun Watson played most of that game and he looked like a shell of his former self. I know New York has outplayed the Patriots in games before this cycle, but this season feels different for these two teams. New England was a disconnect away from losing to the Bills this week, it’s interesting to say how that game would have shaped out had they played the whole way through, nonetheless I think the Jets keep it close, but not close enough to take down the AFC East leader. 

DEN 31 VS KC 42 –

Denver is down Jerry Jeudy and Nick Chubb in this matchup, but Kansas City is without Keon Coleman. The two receivers cancel each other out, but the loss of Chubb is crucial for a Denver team that ranks in the top 5 in rushing yards per game. Chubb is third in the league in carries and second in the league in rushing yards, it’s difficult to establish that kind of production out of a backup. Nonetheless, DK and the Broncos are having their best season of the cycle but they’ve lost to Kansas City once already this season. Trey Lance threw for 380 yards that game and he’s going to need a 400 yard game through the air to give Denver a chance in this one.

PHI 32 VS DAL 55 –

Sitting at 2-9, it feels like a playoff berth should be out of reach for the Eagles, but it’s not. The Eagles have a chance to slim the margin of lead and with some help, move their way up the division standings. I still don’t like this matchup for HD. These two teams know each other very well and I think Drama is going to have something in store to keep HD on his toes, something we haven’t seen yet this cycle. The morale in Philly is at an all-time low as they are on one of the worst losing streaks in PML history, a seven game losing streak. Multiple players have -2 and -3 temperament due to awful morale. Players in Philly just don’t believe in their head coach anymore, I mean, do you blame them? 

JAX 24 VS BUF 21 –

The Bills have a tendency to play lights out for three quarters and once they are able to put a full game together, they are going to take the league by storm. Honestly, I think they would have taken down New England this week had the game not disconnected. Sitting at 5-5, Jacksonville is trying to find out what kind of team that it is. They are coming off a loss to the Colts and off a bye week, so it’s been some time for them to stew on that loss. They should be well prepared for Buffalo this week, but I think they are going to underestimate the 3-7 Bills and this game is going to come down to the wire.