Transcript: Packers Head Coach Press Conference

Can you describe kind of the energy or the mood and the vibe in the building now coming in the home stretch?

We have no idea, we just want to make it out the season alive at this point. We have underperformed and are now in a win now situation. If we lose any of our games moving forward we may not make the playoffs. The energy is shifting in the building a little bit and play time might be over. It is time to rack up some wins if we can.

Can you speak to the overall team health?

We are doing well everywhere except OL. Our RT Lane Johnson got hurt which is pretty bad for us. We traded multiple draft picks for him too. Hopefully he is healthy soon because he will definitely be needed in this home stretch for us. Every game is crucial and it counts.

What are your thoughts about the Chiefs just in general as a team?

They are really good. Patrick Mahomes is the best quarterback in the league and we have to try to make him uncomfortable. We are coming in with high levels of respect for this opponent. This will be a tall task after playing the Browns last week. This is one of the most brutal stretches in schedule history ahead of us for sure.