Are You in Danger? RB Usage Going Into Week 11 for the AFC South

It is the time of the year in which it is beneficial to look at each teams work load and see if it is consistent with the league rules. In the Premier Madden League, we do require at least an 80/20 split amongst running backs. This means that your primary back can face suspension if they are carrying more than 80% of the workload. It should be known that carries by wide receivers and quarterbacks do not count towards the workload. Today I will take a look at running backs in the AFC South division and see if any are exceeding the threshold.

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have centered their offense this season on running the ball effectively. Getting a large lead early has often encouraged that game plan, but regardless of the reasoning they have done so effectively. They are well equipped to continue the trend with a well rounded running back group of Taylor, Mack, and Muhammad. Hines was another solid piece, but ended up being the odd man out and was dealt for draft capitol before the deadline. The coaching staff may want to get Mack and Muhammad a bit more looks in those blow out situations as Taylor is creeping up on the 80% workload mark.

Jonathan Taylor – 77%
Marlon Mack – 15%
Khalfani Muhammad – 5%
Nyheim Hines – 2%
Jamize Olawale – 1%

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars had to start the season with the difficult news that their rookie running back, who was selected 25th overall in the NFL draft, Travis Etienne would be out for the entire season with a foot injury. This left them a little slim in the depth, and because of this they have mostly looked towards surprise 2020 rookie standout James Robinson. James Robinson has carried a large share of the workload so far this season and currently at 91%. If the Jaguars want to avoid a suspension they will want to find some ways to get Hyde and company more involved in the coming weeks.

James Robinson – 91%
Carlos Hyde – 9%

Houston Texans

Despite being able to still compete with above average coaching, the Texans seem to be in a complete rebuild of their running back room. The team decided to part with Phillip Lindsay for draft capitol before the trade deadline, and they are left with a rag tag group of what most would call washed up veterans. Adrian Peterson, David Johnson, and Trenton Cannon will try to prove that they have it in them as they split the workload the remainder of the season. None of theses backs will be in danger of exceeding 80%.

Phillip Lindsay – 43%
Adrian Peterson – 26%
David Johnson – 18%
Trenton Cannon – 12%
Mark Ingram – 1%

Tennessee Titans

With a running back as durable and dominant as Derrick Henry, I imagine it is hard to stop feeding him the rock. That is the dilemma the Titan’s coaching staff is facing as Henry has trucked his way over multiple defenders, and found himself eclipsing 1000 rushing yards and adding an impressive 24 touchdowns going into to just week 11 of the season. His dominance has lead to a heavy workload, and if the Titans want to avoid a possible suspension they will have to find ways to get the ball elsewhere. Henry currently sits at 84%.

Derrick Henry – 84%
Jeremy McNichols – 16%