Quarterback Position Battles to Watch

Chicago Bears

Caleb Williams and Max Johnson

With the departure of Justin Fields in the off-season, the Chicago Bears are left with a decision at quarterback. The athleticism of Rookie quarterback Caleb Williams sets him apart from the rest of the pack. The high draft pick investment in Williams points towards the coaching staff believing he is the guy. However, Max Johnson cannot be counted as out of the picture. He has a year of experience with the playbook and should have a solid grasp on the Chicago offense at this point. Will Caleb Williams live up to the hype during the preseason? Could Max Johnson elevate himself to starter with an impressive preseason? This is certainly a position battle to keep an eye on.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Sam Huard and Bo Nix

The third best quarterback in the draft fell to Buccaneers at the 19th pick of round 2. Sam Huard seems to have all the intangibles you’d look for in a franchise quarterback. His mobility and arm strength give him a great basis for success if he can make reads at the NFL level. There has been reports that his left-handedness has been a bit of an adjustment for the offense of the Buccaneers and remains their main concern about his fit with the team. Bo Nix has been a bit of a roller coaster ride. In his first two seasons with Tampa, he has made plays that won them games, but he’s also given games away with moments of accuracy issues or bad decisions. If Nix can find more consistency in his 3rd season perhaps he can take that next step, but with Sam Huard in the picture it’s also possible he doesn’t see the field in the regular season. Makes for an interesting preseason position battle.

San Francisco 49ers

Trey Lance and Drew Lock

If we are being completely honest with ourselves, there is no likely scenario where Drew Lock overtakes Trey Lance for the starting position. UNLESS, Trey Lance leaves the team. There have been rumors flying that the 49ers are willing to part with Lance for the right deal. Which could put Drew Lock in prime position to take over the reigns. With this situation I expect to see plenty of Lock in the preseason. could a string of solid preseason performances push the 49ers to make a trade?

New England Patriots

Aaron Rodgers and Quinn Ewers

The quarterback position for New England has been up in the air for multiple seasons. The failure of Mac Jones, the changing of coaches, and finally acquiring Aaron Rodgers. You would think acquiring a future hall of fame quarterback would be the end of New England’s Quarterback dilemma. However, time is undefeated and father time is beginning to catch up with Aaron Rodgers. This lead the Patriots to taking Quinn Ewers at pick 9 in this years draft, cementing him as the future of the franchise. The only question is, how soon. Will he take over immediately, or will we see one last dance from Aaron Rodgers?

Los Angeles Rams

Grant Well, Michael Pinex Jr, and ?????????

The Rams quarterback situation is very much in the air. When the Rams opted to let Matthew Stafford go fans were left waiting for them to make a move in free agency. When that move never came it seemed certain they would look to the draft to find their future. However, in a baffling move the Rams did not draft a quarterback either. Is their confidence in Grant Wells or Michael Pinex Jr to make huge strides this preseason high? Or could we see a potential trade or free agent signing in the coming weeks?

Seattle Seahawks

Tua Tagovailoa and Elijah Jones

Seahawks coach Dramaman had a lot of encouraging words about Tua Tagovailoa after they made a trade sending Russel Wilson to the Miami Dolphins. Those encouraging words continued for a good while. However, after a down season where the Seahawks missed the playoffs, rumors that the relationship wasn’t as peachy as it was projected began to surface. The coaching staff placed a lot of blame on Tua. Elijah Jones came out of nowhere to win the Heisman Trophy and lead Nebraska to become National champions. The rumors about the sour relationship between Tua and Dramaman were confirmed when the Seahawks, with a lot of other holes to fill, opted to take Elijah Jones at pick 6. Is the relationship too sour for Tua to even have a shot to keep his starting role? Will Elijah Jones success continue in the NFL and earn him a starting job?