TOP 5 Worst teams to start with in Madden


I said it once and I’ll say it again. This is one of the most boring teams you could get in madden. At least other teams at the bottom have some toys to play with but it really feels like this roster has nobody on it to play with. They are all the same Bill Bellicheck prototypical boring players that are football smart. I think this team would only be semi enjoyable if you are a fan of the Patriots but only losers like a certain weirdo in our league likes them.

Houston Texans
Although this team does have some youth to them and already have a young franchise quarterback not all of those players are great for madden. Theres going to need to be a lot of content poured into this team and it still might not even be fully complete by season 3. Theres so many holes on this roster and it’s very noticeable when you step on the field against them. And to top it off they have to try to win because they don’t have their first round pick so losing is meaningless to this roster they have to rely on a different team to lose to them in the Browns and the browns are one of the highest rated rosters in the game. They have no abilities on both sides of the ball either so it’ll be interesting to see how coach Ke puts his players in positions to win

This may be bias, OH WELL. I think this one of the lesser teams to start off NOT IN SEASON 1 but in overall cycle. The team definitely has pieces to compete season 1 but what happens after that? The bucs currently have 75 million in dead cap thanks to Tom Brady and have a bunch of massive free agents coming up including Mike Evans, Antoine Winfield, Shaq Barrett, and Lavonte David. With no ability to resign all of these players in general they are forced to let them go for free or send them off early hurting their chances of competing. To add onto that it’s not like they are really flourish in a lot of young skill players compared to other teams they do have some guys they can build up but overall they are going to have to make a lot of changes to the roster fast including quarterback eventually if they want to be able to compete every season for a full cycle.

The same goes for this Saints roster as the Bucs although they do have a little more youth to grow they still are on the hook for a lot of cap due to the former GMS ability to keep pushing cap down the road for this team. It’s a very old roster that has talent but that talent will eventually fade away really quick besides key cornerback Marshon Lattimore who is also in a way getting a little up there in age in madden terms. I wouldn’t say this is a bad team but I definitely think it’s one of the more annoying teams to start with in a franchise and it’ll take a good GM to turn this team around completely.

I saw an article that this team was rostering about 32 UDFG players all around.. That is INSANE! This team is rostering a bunch of bums and to add onto that their best player is an aging DT that might retire in the upcoming seasons? This is one of the few teams where I’m having troubles seeing where you can turn it around the best bet you can hope for is that Matthew Stafford retires and you are able to trade Aaron Donald season 1 for some draft capital that you can hit on to help build this roster around more steadily. But if you are unable to get players to bite on trading with you for Donald for a good price and Stafford doesn’t retire not only are you on the hook for some serious money but you are going to be behind of other teams building there teams for a couple seasons .. It could take this team till season 3 or 4 to finally be ready to compete.


The midgets contract is the worst and then the fact that he is out for the years makes his contract 10 times worse . You wanna know what makes it 20 times worst ? They traded madden hall of famer Isaiah Simmons for pennies on the dollar . They have some bright spots . A few young OL going speed at Wr in marquis brown and rondel Moore, Buda baker has some great abilities. But they still top 5 trash .

You wanna know what’s worst than Kylers contract ? Russell Wilson because he is trash and isn’t fast. Hey that rhymed . This team is trash and has the ugliest jerseys . I couldn’t imagine looking at them all cycle . What makes them ok is a shutdown corner . Very good Wide receiver room but all in all the broncos are trash .

The Texans would be been number 1 if it wasn’t for their past draft . The negative is they don’t have 1 ability player and only 3 players over 80 overall . The good news is they have a bunch of cap space . They’re franchise QB and 2 great young defensive pieces in will Anderson and Derek stringley.

Mac Jones is the Qb . I could stop right there but I’ll keep going . The only young player really worth keeping is tyquon thornton a corner or 2 and uche . Matt Judon is great but he is old and if i had them in a division with bills dolphins and jets id be sick

The saints are the three things you hate when starting a CFM. They are old . They have no cap space . They don’t have the Qb of the future on the roster . The one thing they have going for them is the older players they have take a minute to regress . The saints coach looks like he has the toughest time ahead of himself

New England Patriots –
The Patriots do not start off with any player above an 89 overall. Matthew Judon is their highest rated player declining to 86 overall Kyle Dugger, and then to a slew of players in the mid to low 80s. Mac Jones isn’t a reliable quarterback to use all cycle and the only real threat on offense in Tyquan Thorton is hurt for the first half of the cycle. Overall, the team is just boring. The roster doesn’t create excitement outside of the cornerback group. The Patriots do have three starting caliber rooking cornerbacks, two of which have 95 speed and the other has 93 speed to go along with 83 overall Jonathan Jones. The team needs some personality, but ultimately is going to be a desirable spot to land in a CFM.

Las Vegas Raiders –
Josh Jacobs, Davante Adams, Maxx Crosby, and Chandler Jones are the bright spots for the Raiders and while they do have a few young pieces to build around, Jimmy Garoppolo is a huge reason why they are on this list. A huge highlight is that you can cut Jimmy G. right away if desired and not suffer any cap penalty. Another knack on the Raiders is the competition level in their division. Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert are superstar quarterbacks that will give their respective teams an advantage right out the gate and with the Raiders not having an ideal CFM quarterback, it puts them under the gun.

Los Angeles Rams –
Aaron Donald (99) and Cooper Kupp (96) are the lone bright spots for the Rams and aside from them, the next best player for the Rams is 82 overall Rob Havenstein. The Rams are a tough rebuild and Matthew Stafford’s contract is a problem. He will be making $50M from 2024-2026 and his penalty for being cut is $74M, so you must use Stafford and hope that he retires in the first couple seasons.

New Orleans Saints –
You must be a real connoisseur in the art of managing cap space to take over the Saints because they go into the negative after the first season. They have Derek Carr eating up cap space and that goes up progressively year over year, and the Saints only have five draft picks to start with a 1st, 2nd, 5th, and two 6ths. Some of the contracts are disgusting, like Taysom Hill’s three year $27.6M deal and he’s the third best tightend on the team. The best weapon on the team is Alvin Kamara, his “RB Apprentice” ability will come in handy on third downs. Having the ability to hot route to the flats or to the Texas route will be the reason some drives are kept alive.

Buffalo Bills –
I am back again with another hot take, but the Buffalo Bills have the talent desired to be a top 5 team in CFM, but they are one of the worst teams in the league in cap management. The coach of the Bills will have to be a financial mogul to keep some of the top tier talent on this team. Gabriel Davis and Micah Hyde will both need to be resigned after the first season and there are a lot of older players on this team, so without the cap to sign younger players, you’re going to have an aging, declining team while the rest of the AFC is on the rise. Don’t get me wrong though, this team is built to win a Superbowl in the first season, but that window is smaller than you think after doing some research about the roster.

Cardinals, The Cardinals are one of the worst starting rosters in the game. They do have some silver linings at least. Marquise Brown is one of the fastest WR in the game. Kyler Murray is a good madden QB. Paris Johnson is set at OT, Budda Baker is a good safety with good abilities, and they have an extra first round pick. The defense is awful outside of baker, Kyler is likely out for season 1. And the trenches need work on both sides.

Panthers, The Panthers traded a ton of assets to move up for Bryce Young, who is not a super exciting madden QB. Miles Sanders is whatever. DJ chark is the only exciting player to throw to. Ekwonu is somehow still superstar but the rest of the line is bad. They don’t have draft capital. The defense is pretty young and athletic, but there isn’t many resources to fill in holes.

Texans, The Texans don’t have their own first round pick, instead they have the Browns’, a team with a much better roster. Stroud is fine at QB, but his weapons are really bad. The offensive line is strong. The defense has 3 solid players to build around in Will Anderson, Derek Stingley, and Jalen Pitre but that’s about it

Broncos, Russell Wilson is destroying this team financially, and the rest of the roster is old outside of Jeudy, PS2, and some of the offensive line. They do finally have control of their own picks, but there will be so many holes that need to be filled in the draft (including QB) that can not be filled through free agency due to Russell Wilson’s contract.

Rams, To me this was the clear cut number one spot. The Rams have Cooper Kupp and Aaron Donald. That’s it. And both of them are getting old. The finally have their own picks, but the team will need a ton of development to get to be a top roster. Looking at the roster you see maybe 5 players that could still be there come season 5
New England Pats- The pats have a bottom 5 roster, plus Max Noodle Arm Jones which makes throwing the ball h*** for at least S1. Along with that I hate the Pats with every fiber of my being and would never want to put that disgusting jersey on my CFM players.

Tennessee Titans- Derrick Henry. That’s the only redeeming factor on this team. The QB situation is crippling as you have Ryan Tannehill under contract for at least 1 more year, and then your options are 2 normal dev sub 70 ovr QBs in Willis and Levis. On defense you do have Jeffery Simmons and Byard but they both are aging, and there’s not much youth to build around. I hate the Titans

Kansas City Chiefs- No debating this is a top roster in M24, plus you get Pat Mahomes the best QB in the game. But I hate the b**** a** Chiefs and they can suck it. I hope To et is just as bad in game as he was Thurs night. I hope EA put Jackson Mahomes doingb tik-Toks on the sideline. I hope Chris Jones decides to holdout and retire once they pay him. F*** the Chiefs.

Arizona Cardinals- The Cards are probably the second worst roster in the league, after sending all over their talent away in the offseason to try and tank. Luckily you do have a midget who plays Fortnite under contract for the cycle. This is gonna have to be one h*** of a rebuild in a very good division, gonna be a very long cycle, especially the first 3 seasons of building.

Los Angeles Rams- This team has to come in last just because of how truly bad the team is. Not only does the team only have 2 good players, they also traded away all their picks in order to win a SB so they are even more of a shitshow in CFM. God bless Cook for taking this poverty franchise, and let’s hope we see Stetson Bennett raising the Lombardi in S5 after cook some how builds a monster.