Top 10 Most Impactful Pre-existing Injuries

Top 10 Most Impactful Pre-existing Injuries


1. Jameson Williams (5 Weeks: Dislocated Elbow) – Detroit Lions
I think this is one of the biggest losses for any team in PML especially user wise. I know the injury says 5 weeks but with how fucky IR can be in madden in reality all of these injuries listed can be 8 weeks plus so I’m going to treat it that way.. Jameson being out 8 weeks is huge and the reason I have him number one on my list is because of the user. Fallen can be a great competitor in this league but he definitely relies on players with physicals that resemble Jameson and with him gone I can’t see this offense being able to move as strong as it would with him being healthy. I can see this team taking a complete hit with him gone because under coach Fallen speed kills and without that speed you got nothing to kill. (Sorry fallen i still think you are a great coach)

2. Kyler Murray (3 weeks: Partial ACL Tear) – Arizona Cardinals
Que asked for poverty and poverty is what he shall receive but even this hurts for a team that is already considered dead. Yes this can help you in your case for tanking year one but not being able to use your Quarterback who is still kind of semi young in madden years for 8 whole weeks because hes on IR hurts a lot on a team that doesn’t have much going for them especially when he has a fat contract. I put him at number 2 because as a team in a rebuild when you have a qb whos 26 going onto 27 soon and you can’t use him at all it can hurt the xp flow going towards him and now you are delaying another year to get xp into him. With regression sliders changing now the Cardinals are kinda stuck with a quarterback that eventually they may not want if it doesn’t work out because his contract is so ridiculous.

3. Jalen Ramsey (14 Weeks: Knee Cartilage Tear) – Miami Dolphins
I can’t really say that losing Jalen Ramsey bugs you that much as a Dolphins user because of all the speed at your disposal on offense but defense matters too and losing one of the best defensive players in the league for pretty much the whole season can really hurt your chances at a superbowl. The bright side is he does come back around playoff time but is him being out too much of a damage on your defensive side that you can’t make playoffs? Or will your offense be able to carry you there until he’s able to come back

4. Tyquan Thornton (4 weeks: Torn Bicep) – New England Patriots
Imagine getting the Patriots and finding out the only bright spot on your roster for the offensive side is going to be out for 8 weeks because of maddens s***** IR system? Talk about being down in the dumps after already finding out you have to control this team for a whole year. Losing the only fun player available on this offense in a user side is just a really s***** thing and I could potentially see the Pats owner taking it easy season 1 and not caring about winning games.

5. Ryan Jensen (24 weeks: Fractured Kneecap) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Besides Tristan Wirfs this offensive line is complete garbage and when you are allowing Baker Mayfield to lead this offense you need as much protection as you can get. Losing a key center can cause the whole offensive line to go into dismay which can lead Baker into throwing inaccurate throws due to the pressure always getting into the backfield.

6. Eric Stokes ( 4 weeks: Foot Fracture) – GreenBay Packers
I know this team has Jaire on one side locking it down but losing a corner like Stokes in a game where speed matters can be devastating. He’s a young corner with 95 speed and with him being out for awhile can slow down his development especially when he is turning 25 the next season where xp takes more of a toll to get. As a Packers user you definitely consider Stokes as a bright spot on this defense and with him gone for awhile now you have to rely on older veterans to fill his spot which you don’t want to do this early in a cycle.

7. Von Miller (3 weeks: Dislocated Ankle) – Buffalo Bills
Von Miller is a difference maker in madden and when you are in a division with the Jets and Dolphins you need all the help you can get to disrupt their quarterbacks from making plays. Without Von this team is pretty useless in the pass rushing department and I can see them taking a huge dive on defense because of that.

8. Jonathan Taylor (3 weeks: Knee Cartilage Tear) – Indianapolis Colts
This is huge for the Colts because of one reason, Anthony Richardson and the read option. Now of course you can run that with anyone but having Taylor on the field just makes the threat so much more bigger. You can select to be conservative and cover the QB every time but Johnathan Taylor is the type of running back that will gash you for 10 yards every time which forces you to not be able to just focus on the young quarterback A rich. This is definitely a devastating set back for the Colts gm because you want every weapon available to take the eyes off of your young quarterback

9. Austin Corbett (4 Weeks: Knee Cartilage Tear) Carolina Panthers
Once again another s***** madden injury that says 4 weeks but in reality is really 8 weeks. The Panthers are losing a huge piece of youth on their offensive line who’s only 27 and won’t be able to gain proper xp and not only that won’t be able to help protect their young rookie quarterback Bryce Young OR help produce in the run game which he is best at. This is a major loss for the Panthers team (Which i’m not too sad about because any injury for JT is big for me :P)

10. Teven Jenkins ( 4 Weeks: Pulled Groin) – Chicago Bears
Does this team need anymore hits to them? They are already one of the worst teams in Madden in terms of ratings now you are losing one of your young guards to help elevate both games on offense. Losing Teven is a hard pill to swallow because on this Bears squad you definitely want to upgrade your offensive line first to help Fields flourish in both the rushing and passing game.


1. Ryan Jensen (24 weeks: Fractured Kneecap) – Tampa Bay Buccaneers –
Tristan Wirfs is the Buccaneers best offensive lineman, but the loss of Ryan Jensen at the center position is going to impact the credibility of the entire offensive line. Behind Jensen sits 72 overall Robert Hainsey, not to mention the face that Jensen starts out as a superstar and is likely a candidate to lose his abilities from the injury thanks to randomized regression. The Buccaneers will have to address the offensive line in the free agent draft because as it sits, they’ll be starting a 66, 70, 72, 75, and 92 across the board.

2. Jalen Ramsey (14 weeks: Knee Cartilage Tear) – Miami Dolphins
The Dolphins have three cornerbacks that will be sidelined for the first half of the season. Ramsey, Needham, and Crossen. Although Needham and Crossen will be back of week 9 since they are on IR, but Ramsey won’t be back until week 15. 84 overall Xavien Howard and 76 overall Kader Kohou are sufficient, but losing a 97 overall, X-factor corner is going to hurt. Ramsey is the ultimate man press corner, he has the “Bench Press” “One Step Ahead” and “Acrobat” ability, but the Dolphins might have to transition to a zone scheme for the first season to cover the dynamic receivers in the league.

3. Jameson Williams (5 Weeks: Dislocated Elbow) – Detroit Lions:
There’s no way to replace 98 speed and with Jameson Williams in the lineup, the entire offense of the Detroit Lions is just different. On defense, you must account for Williams over the top and Amon-Ra underneath. Double covering both receivers would lead to landslide matchups with Kalif Raymond in the slot or Sam Laporta at the tight end position. Despite the injury only being 5 weeks, Madden does have Jameson on IR, which means he won’t available until after week 9. The Lions will have to get creative on offense without their speedy receiver to have a chance to move the ball down the field.

4. Von Miller (3 weeks: Dislocated Ankle) – Buffalo Bills
Madden has Miller on IR, so three weeks is going to turn into 8 weeks. Leonard Floyd is a serviceable backup at 78 overall but replacing the production of “Edge Threat” is a tall task for the Buffalo Bills. With Miller on the defensive line, there’s less need for a blitzing scheme, but without him, finding pressure with just three or four down linemen will be difficult, especially against teams with speedy receivers that only need a few seconds to get open.

5. Jonathan Taylor (3 weeks: Knee Cartilage Tear) – Indianapolis Colts
Just pay the man, will you? Taylor is set to make $5.11M heading into the last season of his contract. He has already established himself as a top five halfback in the league, but for Madden purposes, he tore his knee cartilage. He’s IR and won’t be available until week 9, so I expect to see rookie halfback Evan Hull a lot the first half of the season. He’s only a 66 overall, but with 90 speed, he can make a few defenders miss and his 71 catching will make him an ideal threat coming out of the backfield, especially on third downs.

6. Kyler Murray (3 weeks: Partial ACL Tear) – Arizona Cardinals
Are the Cardinals tanking in real life? Who knows. However, neither Josh Dobbs nor Clayton Tune are going to be able to run the Cardinals offense efficient enough in Madden. My best guess is that the Cardinals will seek a replacement in free agency until Kyler is due back in week 9. Then again, who knows, if the Cardinals are 0-8, or have a record that keeps that out of the playoff hunt, do they even put Kyler back in the lineup?

7. Isaiah Rodgers Sr. (29 weeks: Complete PCL Tear) – Philadelphia Eagles
The Eagles are one the best teams in CFM and are deep at the cornerback position, but this injury still is going to be impactful to them. Isaiah Rogers gambled and lost, literally. He’s 25 years old, 94 speed, and 79 overall. He’s a perfect candidate to trade or start, but the Eagles have Slay, Bradberry, Maddox, and Ringo that all start this season, so while they have replacements for him, the loss of Rodgers all season long hurts the team’s ability to market his value.

8. Kene Nwangwu (4 weeks: Ruptured Disk) – Minnesota Vikings:
Nwangwu is a Madden legend. He has 94 speed, 95 acceleration, and 88 agilities. At 25 years old, he’s the ideal candidate to build into a starting caliber halfback. He is the fastest offensive weapon on the Vikings, but in the interim, the Vikings can lean on 93 speed Ty Chandler if they prefer a speed back as their starter. Alexander Mattison is their highest paid halfback, but his 86 speed isn’t ideal for most coaches.

9. La’el Collins (3 weeks: Knee Cartilage Tear) – Cincinnati Bengals:
Cincinnati is one of the deepest teams at offensive line in the league, but Collins is the second highest rated offensive linemen. The loss of him for 8 weeks, since he was placed on IR will sting, but the Bengals can replace him with 75 overall Jonah Williams in the interim, and their line won’t miss a beat.

10. Cam Robinson (3 weeks: Foot Fracture) – Jacksonville Jaguars
Robinson is the second highest rated offensive lineman on the Jaguars and their unit isn’t very deep. Rookie Anton Harrison is expected to start in place of the injured Robinson, but Harrison is only a 71 overall with mid 70s pass blocking and high 60s run blocking. He’s going to need some work and will likely need a double team against elite pass rushers in the league.


1. Tyquan Thornton

You wouldn’t think i would be picking a low 70 overall but this is a special circumstance because I’m sure the patriots coach wants his most formidable weapon and wants him in the building for XP purposes . Losing out on another year of XP could really hurt his overall development into being a tyreke hill esc weapon by season 4-5

2. Jalen Ramsey

Losing a lockdown corner for 12 games has to be tough but what makes it even worse is when that lockdown corner is 28 . It’s already a good chance he won’t be elite the whole cycle so to lose him season 1 has to be a bummer . The smeared p*** on top for Debo is that because of his loss of stats he could lose his dev as well

3. Kyler Murray

This injury is big but not for the normal reason. It’s always a lot of eyes on you when you are trying to lose but what can they say when you 200 million dollar Qb is out ? We know they will try to find something but it won’t matter Caleb Williams in AZ ?

4. Von Miller

Von Miller may be the second biggest game changer on defense in madden after Aaron Donald. The way he just recks the game is crazy and the new bills coach i know is p***** about not having that QB killer in the game . How will they accumulate pressure in Vons absence ? nobody knows

5. Kenyon Green
I know what you’re thinking how is a 69 overall guard a big injury well when you were the Houston Texans in and your first round pick from last year is missing his second year, It’s a big deal because the first order of business is developing all the young talent . Kenyan missing a whole year of XP Is pretty s*****

6. Ryan Jenson

I don’t know if you have seen the Tampa Bay buccaneers offensive line outside of Tristan Wirfs, but they are terrible. They need Ryan Jensen asap especially with Baker Mayfield back there who air mails because of pressure.

7. Jonathon Taylor
It’s imperative for CB to start off on the right track with the rookie quarterback, and Jonathan Taylor would’ve done a lot to make sure that happened but with no JT and the trade of Nyheim Hines last year it’s up to Anthony Richardson to do it all on his own

8. Jameson Williams

Fallon is in the h*** division so he hast to do what he does best and that’s crosser city and hat better Crosser then Jameson Williams . What will fallen do for 5 weeks ?

9. Caleb Farley

The titans TV room is already late and now missing a tall fast corner for four weeks makes it even lighter if the runs and shoot becomes 3 and out city it’s gonna put a strain on the defense . They need Caleb

10. Tim Patrick

Just because of the way the Broncos coach runs his offense , you know Tim Patrick was from to have a big year and would’ve been a nice safety blanket for Ciara’s wife