PML Award Predictions

MVP – Jalen Hurts
I think if anyone is capable of getting mvp year one it’s going to be Jalen Hurts. HD is pretty good at playing for MVP when he has his eyes set on it and I think having a quarterback who fits his skillset way more on offense Hurts is going to have a monster year season 1 and get that MVP award


OPOY – Isaiah Pacheco
Not only do the chiefs have a killer passing attack led by Patrick Mahomes but they have one of the best rated offensive lines in PML and Matigy has shown it doesn’t matter the speed at running back or how good his offensive line he’s going to run all over you with no problems. Now he gets his hands on a younger better physical RB in Isaiah Pacheco and I won’t be surprised to see him break a running back stat whether it’s touchdowns or yards with him.

DPOY – Maxx Crosby
With old head Mike having Crosby in the backfield I think Crosby has the best chance at leading the entire AFC in sacks. Mike is really good at creating pressures from his dline and also usering his defensive line in certain scenarios to also get those sacks so look out for Mad Maxx to have a monster season.

OROY – Devon Achane
Giving a 95 speed rookie to one of the best rushers in PML when it comes to stick skill is going to be a nasty combination. Achane has the best chance at having an elite season because it’s going to be really hard for defenses to load the box on this Miami speed with all that talent at wide receiver. This will allow Achance to get into open space and allow deebo to excel at when he does best.

DROY – Will Anderson JR
Keraun is going to make sure that Will Anderson gets his on the defensive side. He is super creative and smart when it comes to getting his pass rushers pressures/sacks and him having this young project to work on is going to make his mind get to work.


OPOY – Christian Watson
Hypemike is known for his ability to pass the ball and he has a bunch of young wide receivers he has the chance to get the ball too. Christian Watson stands out the most to me because he’s going to definitely be this teams #1. With Hypemike wanting to get some abilities on his offense you can look to see him over target Watson on his offense to help lead him as a top receiver in the NFC

DPOY – Micah Parsons
Parsons has to be the most broken defensive player in madden right now because not only is he insane off of the line when it comes to pass rushing with 90 speed he can drop back in coverage and cover pretty much the whole field if the user is good enough. Look out for Parsons to have 15+ Sacks and around 5-6 interceptions which is a unbelievable stat.

OROY – Jahmyr Gibbs
If theres on thing fallen is good at it’s statpadding his younger players (especially his running backs) and having insane success with them. Jahmyr Gibbs is going to be a beast in both aspects of the running and passing game and I don’t think any rookie in the NFC is going to come close to his statistic success.

DROY – Devin Witherspoon
Z is really talented at being able to set up his cornerbacks in spots to get interceptions on defense and with adding a new young cornerback on this defense he’s going to want to get as much XP into his young cornerback as he can so he can recreate the successful 2012 Legion of boom that dominated the NFL for years.

MVP – Patrick Mahomes
I think Patrick Mahomes is in great hands with Matigy. How can you bet against a former Super Bowl champion using a 99 overall quarterback with “Pass Lead Elite” and “Hot Route Master,” you just can’t.


OPOY – Dalvin Cook
I know Cook isn’t Jonathan Taylor, but Greeny is a halfback specialist, and Cook is right up his alley. I know Breece Hall is on the team, but Cook has a combination of “Juke Box,” “Balance Beam,” and “Energizer,” and juke moves are one of the most overpowered special moves this Madden. If Greeny can get Cook involved in the passing game too, he’ll have this award locked up well before the last game of the season.

DPOY – Maxx Crosby
Crosby is a pass rushing specialist that will very rarely see double teams thanks to his teammate in Chandler Jones who is also a pass rush phenom attacking from the edge. Under KingMike’s tutelage, I think Crosby is going to surpass the record for sacks in a single season.

OROY – C.J. Stroud
Keraun was dynamic with Lamar Jackson last season, but Stroud is a different style of quarterback, but I think we’re going to see a similar game style out of him. Stroud has 82 speed, so he is very capable of running a read option style of offense and Keraun is going to be very cautious of his throws, which will limit his interceptions but of all the rookies in the AFC, Stroud has the easiest path to this award.

DROY – JL Skinner
Skinner is a 6’4” strong safety out of Boise State and he is sub linebacker eligible. He has 89 speed, 91 acceleration, and 84 hitpower. He also has 86 jumping, so he’s going to get the animations of a safety and have the range to snag high passes. The Broncos don’t have too many bright spots, but Skinner is one of them.


OPOY – Dak Prescott
This is probably the best team that Drama has started the cycle of with and the best quarterback and I think he is going to take full advantage of it. I don’t like the abilities that Prescott is equipped with, but I like the offensive line that will be blocking for him and the weapons on the offensive side of the ball for the Cowboys. I expect Drama to sprinkle in some read option plays and he will have one of the best offenses in the league commanded by Dak Prescott.

DPOY – Aaron Donald
There are few bright spots on the Rams, but Aaron Donald is still one of the best pass rushers in the league. He is equipped with “El Toro,” “Under Pressure,” “Inside Stuff,” and “No Outsiders,” he literally has the perfect combination of abilities to attack every facet of the offense. I think Cook is going to scheme to get Donald in the backfield and Donald will have the highest tackle for loss count in the league in season 1.

OROY – Jahmyr Gibbs
I know I shouldn’t pick myself, but I think Gibbs is a logical candidate for this award. He is going to be a target in the passing game and a three down back for me. He won’t get overused, but he will see 75% of the workload, especially through the first 8 games of the season when Jameson Williams is out.

DROY – Owen Pappoe
He is tied with Isaiah Simmons as the fastest (93 speed) middle linebacker in the league. Que is going to have a lot of fun using this guy across the middle of the field. I know that he would prefer him to be a safety, so that he’ll get better jumping animations, but with his speed, he’ll be able to cover from sideline to sideline and down the field, when needed.


Patrick Mahomes
While we have never seen Mahomes as a dominant player in PML, I believe that changes this cycle. Under HC and former SB champion Matigy, Mahomes will be used at his full potential, and be the best player in PML season



Josh Jacobs
Jacobs is a new XF in M24, after a. Breakout season in 23. Now under KingMike, I believe Jacobs will be the focal point of the Raiders offense. Jacobs is a force in both the run and pass game that will allow him to rack up stats and win OPOY


Myles Garrett
The Cleveland Browns have a dominant, pass rush, headlined by superstar, Myles Garrett. In free agency, the Browns added pass, rusher Za’Darius Smith I believe under Coach Mali that Garrett will be a force to be reckoned with, especially along side Smith.


CJ Stroud
The second overall pick of the draft lands in Houston with head coach Keraun. After dominating with the ravens last cycle, Ke reloads as the Texans led by QB CJ Stroud. While the Texans talent on offense is lackluster Keraun will gameplan around Stroud in a effort to develop the young QB and win games


Will Anderson
Another member of the Houston Texans, the first defensive player picked and third overall pick, Anderson is a dominant pass rusher who will be on the focal points of this Texans defense. The Texans will look to force pressure and cause opposing QBs to make mistakes, Will Anderson is going to be the teams Premier pass rusher for seasons to come.

Christian McCaffrey

McCaffrey may be the leagues top running back and he resides on a team that may be the leagues premier rushing offense. Head coach CEO has been known for his run game throughout the cycles so the 49ers should be a match made in heaven and McCaffrey will be the main beneficiary of that.


Micah Parsons
The Dallas Cowboys may have the single bass defensive player in the entire league, with pass rusher Micah Parsons. Parsons holds all the tools needed to be an elite pass rusher. He is also on team with two very talented corners which will make quarterbacks hold onto the ball just a second longer, which is all Parsons needs to get to the QB


Bijan Robinson

The hype around Bijan has gone to extreme levels, but for good reason. Bijan is one of the most talented running backs to come into the NFL since Saquon Barkley. The Falcons. Will be able to use Bijan both as a primary running back and receiver out of the backfield. I expect Bijan to get a lot of work as the Falcons develop quarterback Desmond Ridder.

Lukas Van Ness

This name me come as a shock to some, but after losing pass rusher Za’Darius Smith, HypeMike will be on a mission to develop the 13th overall pick from Iowa. The Packers back and talent is unmatched and head coach. Mike is among the best in the league. I expect Van Ness to become a household name by the end of the season.
MVP: Tony Pollard, I know this may seem like a pick out of left field, but I think a RB will be the MVP season 1. Pollard is running behind a top three offensive line, with homerun speed. The way the run is in this madden I think it will be extremely hard to stop the Cowboys run game, and I think that Drama will commit to feeding Pollard.

OPOY: Justin Herbert, Since I picked a RB for MVP I’ll pick a QB for OPOY. To me it comes down to Herbert or Mahomes, and I think the Chargers will pass more often than the Chiefs. Pass defense is not great this year and I could see multiple QBs throwing for 6000+ yards. Herbert could have the most efficient season, since he has some good weapons to throw to and a good offensive line.

DPOY: Fred Warner, pass rush seems to be way down this year, meaning the DPOY will likely be the league leader in INTs or a MLB that does everything. Warner is the best off ball LB in the game, and CEO is a good defensive coach that will use him to his fullest.

OROY: Bijan Robinson, this is probably the easiest to project. Bijan is already a superstar who has everything you want as a running back. He is running behind a good offensive line, and will likely out perform all of the rookie quarterbacks.

DROY: Christian Gonzalez, Gonzalez will be a day 1 starter for a solid Patriots defense. Gonzalez has good physicals and is being coached by someone who is typically top of the league in turnovers forced. DROY is maybe the hardest to project, but a day 1 starter who has a chance to pile un interceptions seems like as good a bet as any

Dameon pierce

I’m looking for Damien pierce to have a monster 2k yard season . 25 Tds on his way to 99 overall



Christian watson
Hype mike has Jordan love so you already know he will be slinging that thing like crazy . Get ready for the Christian Watson experience being magical

Trevon diggs
Lookin for drama man to scheme these boys up so much diggs has a 10 pick season

Bijan Robinson will either be suspended or salmi at suspended from the 80/20 rule


Cj stroud . The man will be prolific in thinking 40 tds and over 4k yards

Kyle Hamilton
Kyle is the best defensive weapon in PML and at sub LB. He will make crazy plays and put up numbers


Tank Dell
It’s gone be hard not give Tank dell the rookie of the year after you see him have 100 catches and 15 Tds . Texan coach will be dialing it up